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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shoppers Paradise "Shop of the Week" Highlights!

Check Out Our Shop of the Week for 1/15/11~
Kiki's Vintage Shop On Shoppers Paradise BnR BnS

Here's our interview with this extraordinary person and about her life!

❤ What do you make/create?
I started out making beaded jewelry and also collecting vintage/antique jewelry. I enjoy saving vintage glass beads and findings and creating new pieces with them, giving broken pieces new life. I also love papercrafts!
My first shop was kikisvintagejewelry.etsy.com
it featured my handmade jewelry and antique/vintage pieces.
I soon needed to open a second shop for supplies and other crafts, so I moved the handmade jewelry and destash items to kikisvintage.etsy.com
❤ Tell me one thing about yourself that most of us don't know.
I grew up in San Francisco, and in the 1990s bought a small organic berry farm. This is where I fell in love with crows. They are very intelligent, social, and amusing creatures!
❤ Name the last 3 things you bought on Etsy.
My daughter is expecting her second child and is feeling a bit ill these days. I wanted to cheer her up with little gifts. The last three items purchased are for her:
*T-shirt that reads "Fierce" by MTheory
*A box of kitten/puppy valentines for my granddaughter to play with while her mommy naps, from JudySnow
*A cool pair of 'Peace Out' earrings from Lyden
 ❤ Best advice you ever received?
Life is an adventure do not be afraid of change. Advice from my late father who retired young and went on to own several small businesses.
❤ Do you smile often?
I always smile! (and we can vouch for that! Just visit her shop and see her lovely Avatar!)
❤ Where can you be found besides Etsy?
Spending time with my family! Online, I have a blog and a facebook fan page for my two Etsy shops:

!!Please visit her Shop and take advantage of her coupon " PARADISESOTW15 " when purchasing any item(s)!!  
Remember to visit her FB site as well as the "Shop of the Week" Treasury featured here at the side and most of all leave her shop your comments, loving ❤'s and tweet her up!!!
Find this shop and others at Shoppers Paradise BnR BnS
Team ParadiseBnR,
BeadBeautyBoutique (Carlos)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Are you new to Etsy or just passing through the forums asking, “What is Shoppers Paradise BnR BnS about?” or “What does BnR or BnS mean?” These are good questions and hopefully we can answer them.
BnR/BnSs are one of the many promotional business tools used on Etsy’s Internet Venue in their Promotional Forum that helps you to promote your small Internet business.
There are hundreds of thousands of shops on Etsy so to narrow it down and getting lost in the Etsian Sea of Shops these particular threads were created to bring together active shop sellers into groups. These groups are called a BnS or BnR (explained below) and offer a Mini Mall Community of shops. Both BnRs and BnSs are different and are sometimes used together for promotional purposes such as Shoppers Paradise BnR BnS.

♥ BnS (Buy and Stay)
This is a thread that you would normally buy from one or more shops in the BnS group. By purchasing from these shops, your shop gets to be part of this group as a whole and be shopped by others in the group as well as having outside purchases. This will increase your shops sales.
Each BnS group has rules to join and these can differ like night and day! Most have a minimum purchase amounts to join the group so read the rules and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
These groups are a great way to interact with other shop owners and create a mini mall like atmosphere for shoppers and sellers to become acquainted with one another and develop a small community in this venue.

♥ BnRs (Buy and Replace)
Here are examples of 3 basic BnRs:
1) A BnR Treasury has 16 shops featured and is used for shop promotion to gain exposure for your shop by having buyers view your featured shop. When bought from your shop is removed and the buyers shop replaces yours in the treasury. *See rules for each bnr treasury.
2) A BnR Thread features shops in the same way as a bnr treasury but will normally have more shops in its groups list. Used for shop promotion to gain exposure for your shop by having buyers view the featured shops on the list. When your shop is bought from your shop is normally removed and that buyers shop replaces yours on the list. *See rules for each bnr thread.
3) A BnR/BnS Thread is normally combination of both of the above. Shoppers Paradise uses both the Thread and Treasuries for shop promotions to gain exposure for the group as a whole. Shops who are interested in joining the group view featured shops on the groups list to purchase from. Once they make their purchase that NEW shop is now part of that group. When your shop is bought from your shop may or may not be removed depending on the rules.
NOTE: Not all BnRs or BnSs are the same!

Shopper Paradise BnR BnS has rules as do most BnRs and BnSs and these rules are moderated by the groups ListMasters and ListHelpers, helping to enforce them for the benefit of the group. We are innovative and always thinking of new ways to promote our group! You can now follow us on Paradise BnR Twitter and our Paradise BnR Blog
♥At Shoppers Paradise we have fun with our Daily Listing List with Treasury, Monthly & Weekly Challenges and our BnR Treasuries. In Paradise, Thursdays are real special!!! Look for the return of Bonus Thursdays mixed in with some other cool ways to earn a ❤or extra X's for your shop! We also have a FREE place for New Shops with "0 Sales" to help them get more exposure ;o)

╔════════* ೋღ❤ღೋ *════════╗
Please stop by and visit us anytime. We have shops from all parts of the Globe and someone’s always around to be of help with any questions and chat. We at Shoppers Paradise like having our hand on the ❤ of our group and really want you and your shop to be successful and hope you come away with an understanding of these terms but most of all a better understanding of what Shoppers Paradise BnR BnS is about!

Special thanks to the Shop who's items photos have been used in this blog, in order as they appear:


Team ParadiseBnR,
BeadBeautyBoutique (Carlos)
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Monday, December 13, 2010

In Honor of Our 100th BNR Treasury........

Welcome to the New Paradise Bnr Blog Site!
Please accept our heart felt thanks, we couldn't have gotten this far with out your help. 

We can hardly believe it ourselves at Paradise BNR but yes it's true. We  just celebrated our 100th Paradise BNR Treasury on Monday December 27, 2010 and we couldn't have achieved this if it hadn't been for the unselfish commitment of the many Etsy Artisan Shops who helped to make this special day a complete success!!!

Kick off started at 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm with Michelle and Kat with a great flurry of sales.  Our next shift 3:00pm - 5:00pm with Nancy and Donna, the sales were sky rocketing!!  By page 15 we had 30 sales then with our last shift 5:00pm - 7:00pm Chris and Carlos closed out the evening to see the last buyer standing.
Sales totaled to 46 in the closing moments while buyers were lurking about for the "Last Buyer Standing" position.  LilyRoseHome's Shop posted first with a quick finger response for a winning spot in an upcoming Paradise BnR slot bringing the total sales to 47 in the end!
Yet even after we closed, many shoppers stopped by to post their hellos and best wishes. What a day and a BnR it was!!!

Along with the celebratory BnR, all shops who purchased $10.00 or more from featured shops were added to the Shoppers Paradise Thread List. Here are our new shop friends that had joined Shoppers Paradise that day~


Madametosh started the sales with this lovely purchase of photo assortment of Gift Cards from Mystuff2's shop~

DragonflyExpression, in keeping with her nature spirit,  purchased these wild kingdom Thank You's from H20works~

Verityunmondoaparte found some treasured delights for her creative side from KikisVintage Shop~

PMStudio stumbled upon a rare art find she just could'nt live without from Jerise's Shop~

ClassyandSassyCharms won over the bid for the coveted needle art from LilyRoseOriginals Shop with this purchase~

Cyberwezz found thier inner creative self in wondering through BeadBeautyBoutique's Shop and purchased these~

Shoppers Paradise BnS/ BnR was started by VampItOn (Sharon) in October 2008 and now we have H20works (Kat) at the helm. Our promotional forum is a group of Artisans from around the world with over 80 shops to date.  It is a variety of shops that are categorized to make shopping fun and easy. Everyone helps one another and it's a great place for making many new friends.  

Our forum is moderated by Listmasters, ListHelpers and Treasury Helpers who give of their precious time and endless efforts in overseeing the continuous promotions of the participating Etsy shops day in and day out. For this we are very grateful and honor them with our appreciation. 
Here are a few of the many shops that make Shopper's Paradise BnS/BnR a place to be and be seen~
♥ListMasters♥1. Kat - H20works.Etsy.com & H20worksDesigns.etsy.com
2. Donna - mystuff2.etsy.com

1. Sharon - sharonkaydesigns.etsy.com & vampiton.etsy.com
2. Juls - julssewcrazy.etsy.com & JulsCraftCrazy.etsy.com
3. Karen - creativeseconds.etsy.com
4. Cris - classyandsassycharms.etsy.com
5. Carlos - beadbeautyboutique.etsy.com
and the ever evolving list of Etsy Artisan Shops that help host the ParadiseBnR Treasuries aka
♥Treasury Helpers♥~  These are some of our most recent helpers!
♥Jen ( oursj.etsy.com )
♥Jerise ( jerise.etsy.com )
♥Heather ( HeatherKingDesigns.etsy.com and LittleSketchyCards.etsy.com )
♥Michelle ( michellesthisandthat.etsy.com and calistascreations.etsy.com )
♥Rhonda ( unicorn4960.etsy.com )
♥Jena ( marinebiochic07.etsy.com )

Once again we offer our thanks to all who work behind the scenes and don't mean to exclude anyone, we only hope to prosper and grow together to achieve our next mile marker!

Thank you from Team ParadiseBNR,
BeadBeautyBoutique (Carlos)